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three quarters of consecutive

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Shanxi economy, industrial economy in the first three quarters of consecutive decline.    In this regard, the Shanxi Provincial Party Secretary Wang Rulin admitted that "coal prices fell sharp nike roshe run cheaply in trouble to make our province's economic development, especially in economic showing 'cliff-style" decline. "Shanxi Long Li Xiaopeng also said that the current factors affected the coal industry demand, prices, etc., as well as the economic development of the structure is not good, the quality is not high efficiency, small size and other issues affecting the long-term, Shanxi economy is still in the most difficult period.Shanxi Academy of Social Sciences, deputy director of the Institute of Economics  in the "Daily Economic News" reporter said, coal and other energy-based industries at the forefront of the entire economic chain, when the macroeconomic situation is not good, energy-based industries the impact is large."For example, if the country's GDP growth fell by two percentage points, Shanxi will fall deeper and may even reach 4-5 percent." said Shanxi took a plunge in economic growth is the main reason of its economic structure is irrational; Second, the coal from Inner Mongolia and Shanxi coal abroad also caused some economic impact.Publicly available data show that the average

profit per ton of coal in Shanxi Province has been reduced from 139 yuan in 2011 of $ 45 in 2013, the first three quarters of 2014 was only 2.57 yuan. Separate data showed that three quarters of 2014, the Shanxi coal industry profits fell to 1.6 billion yuan, less than 6% last year, business losses of the coal industry has become a ubiquitous.To seek the resurgence of special industries After the coal economy took a plunge, Shanxi flashed another "card" - the local geographical features Shanxi Vinegar Industry. Sun seems to leap in the "selling vinegar" action was a "commercial New Long March", the first experience of the "Legion war", the Shanxi brands organized, collective appearance in the province, it never had in Shanxi.Sun leap with the words, "We have gone through 16 cities, each event is everywhere warfare. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is the major cities, the activities of these places anike air max thea ukre battle. Provinces of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi fellow more, these where the trench warfare propaganda. Finally, each participating Shanxi brand called out in the vast land, it is a protracted war. "Shanxi Vinegar is not pushing for the first time. Back in 2009, namely the introduction of Shanxi vinegar industry to promote the development of "vinegar eight." Compared to the previous scattered, chaotic, and poor

 situation, Shanxi vinegar industry has made great progress, not only doubled the output value, and with the "Shanxi brand Chinese line", the Shanxi Vinegar store open to the country, there are 200 number of chain stores. Vinegar with the leading products bundled together, as well as Fen, Trimeresurus, Qinzhouhuang millet, Shanxi Pingyao beef and many other specialty products.Shanxi Vinegar Industry Leadership Group meeting held in 2013, the Director of Finance at the economic development of Shanxi Province, Shanxi vinegar industr  nike free tr fit saley to accelerate the promotion of the development of Leading Group Office Director Chang says Kam-chuen, Shanxi Vinegar's market share continues to increase, Shanxi led local economic development. "To do a good job Vinegar industry can establish Shanxi whole image, you can also change the way of economic development in Shanxi, Shanxi can adjust the economic structure."National Day since 2014, Shanxi Vinegar started the "new national standard": Total acidity increased from 4.5 degrees to 6 degrees and above adjustments and canceled shelf life. Increase 5 to 10 indicators, especially the new provisions increase the PH value

million tons of milk powder

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milk, then the first to be discarded is cattlemen.The Ministry of Agriculture to support efforts to increase aidUSDA data show that from January to November 2014, China's imports of 1.002 million tons of milk powder, up by 34.8%. Yang milk menacing, domestic dairy farmers more compressed living space.In this context,  nike lunarglide 4 ukthe Ministry of Agriculture issued yesterday (January 8) under "About coordinate and handle difficult sell milk production of dairy stable emergency notice", calling on the organization to do everything possible to ensure the coordination and processing enterprises purchase raw milk. Closely monitoring the situation and sell raw milk, dairy enterprises to fulfill their purchase contracts through a variety of situations urge. Effectively increase the production of dairy policy support and relief efforts, carry out the work of farmers seed subsidies, the revitalization of dairy alfalfa development initiatives, dairy farming and other standardized scale to support existing policies to protect farmers farming initiative. Actively seek local government introduced subsidies for purchasing and storage of milk, dairy farmers

relief subsidies, credit and other financial support method, take a variety of forms to help farmers weather the storm, and effectively to minimize the loss.The notice also urged all localities to pay close attention to raw milk production, acquisition situation, the implementation of weekly dairy production system. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture has sent a steering group, went to Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi and other milk producing province to inspect and guide the owner to solve the "sell milk difficult" problems.In this regard, an industry source told repnike free run 3 saleorters, "now is not the era executive order directing the market, so the ministry notified only form of recommendations, go in raw milk in the end, after all, is determined by the market."Dairy farmers reached an agreement withLocal, dairy farmers and dairy companies have started a price negotiation dialogue. According to the Shanghai Dairy Information Network news, Shanghai Bright Dairy milk dairy farmers representatives and the Ministry of the Shanghai Dairy Industry Association erected "raw milk price negotiation mechanism" platform, four consultation and dialogue."Shanghai farmers fully take into account the difficulties and market pressures facing Bright, also made a few concessions and sacrifices, Shanghai Bright Dairy dairy farmers are

circumstances, although not "collide" must bear responsibilityQujiang traffic court judge tribunal Fu Huang Gan is the case of a judge of first instance, the reason why Qiu teacher judgments and insurance companies have the responsibility, he gives three reasons:First, although there is no evidence that the two sides had a collision, but relative to the car battery for Fang Qiu master drove to a greater risk of the surrounding environment, the ability to control risk is stronger. But Qiu master failed to fulfill its obligations to minimize and avoid this danger.Second, nike air max 95 uk when overtaking Qiu master driving in violation of the provisions of civilization, beyond the electric car, did not do comity, in the absence of ensuring the safety of overtaking.Third, motor vehicle overtaking process will result in non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians psychological insecurity. Qiu Fang from the master when overtaking too close, under certain circumstances, the resulting truck blast, sound, vibration, etc., the objective may have resulted in Fang fall.Zhejiang Yufeng Zhang Jinwei Law Firm:Brutal overtaking and injury, have to bear responsibilityZhejiang Yufeng 张锦伟 lawyer law firm, the main problem of transportation compensation. His handling of the cars and trucks, cars and people, the car collided with the other living things or wonderful or common cases are numerous. However, such a case heard next, Mr. Zhang also paused. "Before heard of similar cases. But it is clear that,

year old assistant who will

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Standardization reserves for farmers loaded with 139.4 million sets, and conduct pilot large farms in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces; supports 89 national monitoring centers and food quality monitoring stations in the construction of food quality.Fifth, strengthen and promote the application of new technologies grain storage, grain storage and drying equipment has been added to the continuous agricultural subsidies included in the directory, grain storage, "Four in One" upgrade new technology has been reviewed by experts, "grain storage building elements," "food Points warehouse application of new technologies "will be issued in the implementation of the country recently. People LONDON, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) Britain an assistant because a seven-year-old female student with tape tied to a chair, and was fined perform 12 months of community labor.According to local media reports, this 43 year old assistant who will then 7-year-old victim in a storeroom, also sticky notes posted on her thumb to stop sucking her fingers, in addition to her abuse even the victims in the classroom photos posted tore face. The most exaggerated, she put the girl's face in fro  nike air max 90 hyperfuse salent of the class tied to a chair with tape, and allowed all the students at her laughter.Although this name assistant judge the conduct of criticism, but not

sentenced to imprisonment, take According to the "Bangkok Post" reported on the 8th Thailand Tourism and Sports Department data said, by the domestic political situation in the last year and the global 8th economic factors, in 2014 the total number of Thai tourists went about 24.7 million passengers, compared to the previous year fell 6.6 percent, tourism revenue has shrunk by 5.8% year on year.Tourism Authority of Thailand data show that last November, the ruble devaluation led to 21% reduction in the number of Russian tourists. It is reported that Russia is the second largest after China, Thailand immigration source country.), According to local media reports, the Pakistani military on the 7th at least 12 militants killed in military operations in the country in the northwest tribal region of North Waziristan in.According to the Pakistani Armed Forces Public Relations confirmed that the Pakistani military sent helicopter gunships destroyed four militants hiding points and seven vehicles belonging to the militants in the tribal areas Deda Hnike air max 1 onlineeller zone.Pakistan's northwest tribal region near the Afghan border region, which includes a large number of militants active in al-Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban movement, such as different factions. After the June 2014 southern Pakistan Karachi International

Airport terrorist attacks against the Pakistani military launched a comprehensive militants hiding in the country's northwest tribal area of ??large-scale crackdown. ) Guangdong Provincial Administration of Work Safety on the 8th release informed that the Guangdong Provincial Investigation Team, initially identified Shunde Fu Company "1231" was a major explosion in the production safety accidents.Informed that the December 31, 2014, in the building during the trial production of Guangdong Fuwa Engineering Manufacturing Co. plant three axle assembly plant shutdowns, workshop leader to notice some of the staff workshop inventory, cleaning, equipment maintenance and transformation. To 7:30, there are 87 employees work. Subsequently, 24 people in the axle assembly A,  nike air max 2014 saleB sides of the line using a flammable liquid diluent (mainly composed of three toluene, methyl acetal, etc.) to clean the surface of the paint assembly line; five people ready to work in the vicinity of welding the axle assembly line B; 3 people in the vicinity of the axle assembly A line cutting jobs; others were in inventory, draw floor marking line, maintenance and

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